Forgotten Realms Drizzt

The Long Road to Ten-Towns

As the Heroes came in to Luskan they over heard 2 men talking about obtaining more guard’s for the caravan that is seting out in the morning to Bryn Shader. Gorlakon Talks to Udodak Woodsheart the Gnome that is leading the caravan to Bryn Shader. Udodak Woodsheart tells Gorlakon to be here and ready by day break or be left behind. As the group sets out for the three day journey to Bryn Shader. About one day in to the journey the caravan is attacked by over 30 barbarian that trash the normal guards of the caravan and destroyed the wagons. The Fight took over 20 min the only ones left standing were the 5 heroes and one barbarian that they knocked out. As they made there way to Bryn Shader they spotted a shadow on the ground as they look over head they see a adult cobalt dragon coming in for a attack but one of the heroes stopes it in flight and drops it to the ground and drives a axe in to the beast neck and leting it drift in to the balck obis of death. The group arrives at Bryn Shader mid morning tacks a short rest and mounts up again and rides to the caves of the Clan Battlehammer to see King Bruenor Battlehammer.



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