Forgotten Realms Drizzt

The Long Road to Ten-Towns

As the Heroes came in to Luskan they over heard 2 men talking about obtaining more guard’s for the caravan that is seting out in the morning to Bryn Shader. Gorlakon Talks to Udodak Woodsheart the Gnome that is leading the caravan to Bryn Shader. Udodak Woodsheart tells Gorlakon to be here and ready by day break or be left behind. As the group sets out for the three day journey to Bryn Shader. About one day in to the journey the caravan is attacked by over 30 barbarian that trash the normal guards of the caravan and destroyed the wagons. The Fight took over 20 min the only ones left standing were the 5 heroes and one barbarian that they knocked out. As they made there way to Bryn Shader they spotted a shadow on the ground as they look over head they see a adult cobalt dragon coming in for a attack but one of the heroes stopes it in flight and drops it to the ground and drives a axe in to the beast neck and leting it drift in to the balck obis of death. The group arrives at Bryn Shader mid morning tacks a short rest and mounts up again and rides to the caves of the Clan Battlehammer to see King Bruenor Battlehammer.

A Heroes Quest
The Heroes Find them selfs in a ston room(50’-50’) after a few minuets They here a booming voice that thay have never heard before the voice ask’s “I have rivers without water, Forests without trees, Mountains without rocks Townes without houses. What am I?” minuets go by as the heroes think all of a sudden on of the heroes yell “A Map”. The voice comes back and sayes I have many tongues but cannot taste By me, most things are turned to waste, Icrack and snap, yet i stay whole i may take the largest toll, I assisted all of the first men, And i will pay them back again, Around me, people snuggle and sleep Yet run when I am released from my keep I jump around and leap and bound, The cold man wishes i he had found. What am I? after a second goes by one of the heroes yells “FIRE”. The voice coems back and Sayes “This is correct” the voice goes one to say “I think i have found the adventures for my Quest” The voice calles hem self Zepptrill goes on to explany y he has stolen the Heroes from there home towns he is looking for a group to find an item that has ben stolen from he’s vault of rare items. A portal opens on one of the room walls as thay walk throw it thay find them selfs in a room just only big enough for them to come in to. Thay are greeted by a tall skinny human named kindling. Kindling goes on to tell them that thay will be well equipped. Thay go down some hallways and find them selfs entering a armory. Kindling tells em to wait y he and goes and gets the Armory Masterthe Heroes wait for what thay think is 2hrs. As Kindling come out of the back room he sayes “Um i cant find the Amory Master think u guys can help it will go faster.” all the Heroes agree and thay start in to the back room thay get about 5’ in to the room and are bound by a Spell of Binding. Kindling remembers that only a select few are allowed in the back of the Armory he tells the heroes the he does not know how to release them from the spell and he need to go get the Armory Master. As the Heroes wait for the Armory Master and Kindling to return. From what the Heroes can guess thay have ben stuck for about 24hrs in this spell. As the Armory Master and Kindling come back in to the light from the back of the room Roxomerus ask" Wthe Hell took you two so long i got to pee". the Armory Masterstarts to laugh the Armory Master talkes to them for 3 or 4 minuets he releases them for the Spell of Binding. He goes to the counter and gets some small bages and tosses them to the Heroes. As they exit the Armory they open the back and find a small medallion and goggles of darkvison. Kindling show them to here room and tells them that ther mounts will be ready for them in the morning. Kindling come in to the room and starts to wake them from there sleep he tells them that there mounts are ready to ride when thay are. As the heroes mount up thay are informed that it is a 3 day hard ride to the town of Backwater thay are looking for a Wizard named Norhorn Shipsail. He is to get them there next mounts for the long ride to Luskan. As the heroes ride to the town of Backwater one of them sees a shadow pass obove them. The group stops and looks up to see a Adult Gold Dragon coming to land in front of them and the dragon come in and transforms in to a Human. The drangon tell the group that he has a fow that has stolen a box from hem and he can not go and retrieve’s it. he also tells the party that thay can have any gold that thay can hold when thay slay the enemy. As the party gets closer to the cave the temperature starts to drop. As thay go in the cave the can see mound apound mounds of gold,weapons and rubys. As the party explorys the cave the see the dragon and proceed to kill it. The dragon that employed them was liying about haveing the gold of there kill tho the group got away with a good amount of the gold. As thay arive in the Town of backwater thay are greatted by the wizard he informs them to go find a inn and rest frome there travel and there mounts will be ready in the morning.

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